Friday, October 24, 2014


So this will be a little (or a lot) controversial.

As a member of the Church of Christ, I have been taught that worshipping God with instrumental music and hands raised is wrong. And yet I don't feel that way. While I don't agree with it in a church service, I don't see anything wrong with it at a gathering or in my car or home. Because y'all, have you heard some of the "modern" worship songs. They are wonderful and inspiring and truly touch your heart. And yet we continue to say that they are wrong and written to make money and get worldly recognition. I imagine that the same was said when hymns were written as well. They are songs that inspire and songs that uplift and songs that give glory to God. And when you are in a room where people are singing along and their hands are in the air and they are truly worshipping from their hearts- it is good. It is worship. And they are making a joyful noise and giving glory to God. And I just can't believe that when hearts are worshipping like that there is anything wrong with it. And I question why we keep telling our children it is wrong to sing a hymn with instrumental music and why we discourage them to listening to "modern" christian music but have no problem with them listening to modern rock, country, or pop. Would I rather my children sing about God and Jesus or about sex,money, and drinking? I would rather have them singing and worshipping with their hearts regardless of an instrument or not. So I have to wonder why we are so dead set against it at anytime and yet not dead set against "regular" radio stations in our cars and in our homes. What are we really teaching them at that point?

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