Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Workout for When You Hate to Workout

To be honest- this review was actually due in November. But with a series of events that made it impossible to actually give this product a good shot- I had to wait. (Apparently working out after you fracture your foot is not a great idea.)

I met the CEO and the choreographer for Shazzy Fitness while at Allume. They were so friendly and so full of energy! I was excited when I picked up my DVD for review. I am not the person who actually wants to purposefully work out. I will admit that I am lazy and I would rather sit on the couch and read or sleep later in the mornings that get up and do a workout video. But this one sounded so different.

I started off with a bang. I actually enjoyed these workouts. I picked up the dance video because I know that if I have fun I will come back for more. So it was going well. I was doing these workouts because hey- they are 10 minutes. I gave time for that. They I dropped a couch on my foot and all thoughts of a workout went out the window. And then I got sick. So I just got back to it. And while my foot is still sore, I am enjoying the workouts again.

I would definitely suggest that you watch the tutorials about how to do the moves BEFORE you start the actual workout. It will be much easier when you go to do the workout.

Here are Apollo, Vera, and Leslie to tell you about Shazzy Fitness!

Want to find out more or get a copy of the DVD for yourself? Check out their website at!

I think that this would be great for anyone and with the new year around the corner, all those resolutions need some action behind them. Here is a fun way to help.

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