Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Children's Christmas Books- {a review and a giveaway}

I have thoroughly enjoyed these three books from Ambassador International Publishing. So I am very excited to be sharing them with you and offering someone the chance to win all three. 
"A Donkey's Little Tale" is the Christmas story told from the perspective of the donkey Mary and Joseph rode to Bethlehem on. With illustrations that kept my 4 year old captivated and a story that kept my 8 year old interested, I am in love with this book. Part of the fun in this book is the last page in which the author talks about her writing process and the illustration process. My boys love to draw and this made it more interesting to them.
Marty is a stable mouse in Bethlehem. One night, his mother tells him he will see a miracle. He watches as a couple of travelers come to the stable with the innkeeper and later sees them with their baby boy born that night. Marty is entrusted with an important task. And that task changes his life.
I love the illustrations in this book! I also love the story and my boys enjoyed us reading it together. 
Chesed is an angel who hears of the orders for the angels to tell the world about the birth of Jesus. But he has been left out. He wonders why. Is he meant for a special "mission"?
This book is longer than the other 2. And I have not read it with my boys yet. We are actually reading it together this week. I enjoyed reading it and I have held off reading it with them because it is an awkward read. I am that parent that makes my older children read part of the story when we read a book as a family. But with a struggling "out-loud" reader I am reluctant to do that with this one. It may be one of those books that takes more than one night to read with them.

So now to the fun. Ambassador International did not only send me copies of these three books in exchange for my review- they also have three copies to send to one of you! So to win- I want you to do one of 2 things. You can leave a blog comment telling me what your favorite Christmas books are OR you can go to my Facebook page and "like" me there. I will pick one winner this Friday, December 12 and notify them on Saturday. Good luck!

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  1. (Ok, I tried to comment once but it disappeared...trying again!) ;) We love Christmas books and are always looking for new, fun reads...these look great! A favorite in our house is Max Lucado's The Crippled Lamb. It's so sweet and such a tear jerker, but we love it. :)