Saturday, January 31, 2015

3 weeks and counting

I have been battling kidney stones for 3 weeks. And y'all I am ready to surrender big time. I haven't had a kidney stone in several years until 3 weeks ago. I even went to the doctor thinking I had a UTI and took antibiotics and everything. Nothing worked and then I passed stone #1. Great! I felt good until a week later when I passed another one. And then came #3. #3 is kicking my butt! I was crying and begging to go to the ER on Wednesday morning. BEGGING and would have driven myself if John had not been home. They gave me meds that make me feel horrible but at least the pain was somewhat controlled. Or so I thought. Then Friday morning at work it hit me again. And I made it all day with pain of about a 7/10. I have a high pain tolerance so this was not good. I texted John that I was going home and taking something and asked him to get the kids. Y'all (this is about to be TMI) I fell asleep in the BATHTUB! Because it was the only place where even with high powered pain meds the pain was bearable. I do not wish that pain on my worst enemy. The only pain worse is having a baby.

I have been reading the book of Job with my She Reads Truth app in their "The Bible In A Year" plan. And if he could go through everything he went through believe me I can handle these kidney stones! I did at one point on Wednesday tell someone that I didn't know what I had done to deserve this but I repented and begged for forgiveness. Yep- it was that bad.

So right now I am hoping that I am in recovery mode. I will be making an appointment with a urologist as soon as I find one who takes my insurance and also making some diet changes to try and prevent any more. My house is a disaster and I am behind at work and with reading. But it will be okay. I will get caught up soon I hope. I am trying to ease back in to everything around the house even though I can't accomplish a whole lot at a time. It will get better. The CT scan did not show anymore stone hanging out in there so I hope they are gone.

 So that's what is going on in the world of me. I have 2 posts already written and scheduled for this week and another one in the works. I am hoping to really get back even though I have said that before. This time I need for it to happen for myself. So everyone have a good weekend and get ready for a couple of posts next week!

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