Thursday, February 26, 2015

Big Boy Beds and New Furniture

We bought Miles and Josh bunk beds this past weekend. The hope was that Miles would FINALLY sleep in his room and in his bed instead of ours. Well he made it 2 nights and then decided that he didn't like his bed anymore. Little does he know that he has no option in this. 

John worked really hard last Saturday night putting the bunk beds together after I finally got their room cleared out (and in the process broke one of their bookshelves). The beds look great and I bought one of those 9 cube organizers and some fabric cubes to replace their bookcase. I like it so much I want to go get a couple of more for my living room. The pictures are out of order and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, sorry!
Right before he went to sleep. He loved it the first night. 
Doesn't this thing look great. I love it. 
We bought the beds at Walmart and they are sturdy. So we got a great product at a great price. 
Heading home to sleep in his bed for the first time. He really was excited. 

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