Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Graphic Credit:

So my friend Crystal does Friday Favorites. And I really like it so I am borrowing the idea (and the graphic).

What I'm reading and loving:

I actually just started this book yesterday and I am really enjoying it so far.

What I'm watching:

Well- I'm not really watching anything this week. We haven't really even turned on the T.V.. We did FINALLY get all 3 "Santa Claus" movies that we ordered back in December. So we may watch that this weekend.

What I'm Wearing:
I received my first Stitch Fix last Friday. I really like it. I am sending 3 things back but keeping 2.

I am keeping the turquoise and the black top. I liked the pants but they were too long. Which is unusual for me. The necklace in the first picture is nice and I really liked it but I just felt it was too much money. And the cardigan in the last- well- it was a little too small in the sleeves and it was $78. The seams were already coming apart and the pattern didn't match up on the sides and I felt like for the price it needed too. So I would say that my first fix was a success and I will definitely be doing it again. And I found a company that does the same thing for men and I will be trying it for John. 

What I'm listening too:

I am loving Taylor Swift's newest album. The boys and I will have dance parties in the truck when we go places and it makes cleaning so much more fun. 

SO that is what I am loving this week. What about you? 

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