Friday, February 20, 2015

Fringe Friday and Friday Favorites Rolled Into One

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This week has been all about Fringe Hours for me. After a week that was so packed full last week that I didn't even get a chance to pick up a book, I needed to find those fringe hours somewhere. And though not ideal, having a migraine Sunday through Monday and needing to leave work because of it Monday became the best thing for me in capturing some "me" time even if it was used to blog and sleep.

What I'm Reading:

Well- Thanks to last week I am still reading "Home Behind The Sun" as far as books go. And I am keeping it with me so that I can read at work and when I do Tennis pick-up.
 But my favorite thing to read is on Mondays. On Mondays, my friend Mel shares a chapter of her would-be book at her blog A Barefoot Life. First let me tell you that I laugh and I cry and I love this series. Second- I would buy this book in a heartbeat. Third- Mel is my real life friend and I love her dearly.

What I'm Watching:

The kids have me hooked on The Flash and Arrow. We try not to miss them. And on Thursdays I watch The Vampire Diaries. Apparently as far as TV goes, I am a pre-teen or teenager.
(And I read on commercials)

I did watch Gone Girl last week. I must say that the movie was a bit more disturbing than the book.

What I'm Wearing:

This week has definitely been a wear scrubs all week to work. I love that I get an option in wearing scrubs or wearing business casual clothes. But on Friday the 13th, I wore my Preemptive Love shirt that has the quote "Love First Ask Questions Later" on it.

What I'm Listening To:
I downloaded Bethel Music's new album and I love it. But I am also enjoying Taylor Swift's new album. Pretty much, most mornings are a one person dance party in my truck driving to work and then on the way home I listen to praise and worship music to wind down from the work day. Some people might think that I need to reverse that but they would not be Activity Directors who recognize that the dance party heading in is important to set the energetic tone needed for the day.

Oh and one more thing that I am loving right now. I HAVE A NEW "NEPHEW"!!!!! My best friend had a new baby boy last week and as soon as John has a Saturday off, we are hopping in my truck and taking off to see him for the day. I can't wait.

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