Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I've Jumped On the Epantry Bandwagon

I have always been a little questionable of subscription services for things like cleaning supplies. I have my tried and true supplies that I always buy and just go from there. BUT then Sarah Mae started her 31 Days to Clean Challenge and offered a promo code for getting started with Epantry. So I signed up. (Let's be honest here- the FREE floor cleaner and $10 off my order is really why I signed up. That and knowing I could cancel if I wanted to.) I signed up through the link and it brought up a list of suggested items. I removed some and kept some and then submitted my order.

One week later my order was waiting for me on my porch. I opened it up and fell in love with the smell! Everything in the box smells amazing and not at all like cleaner. I chose the Method products from the website because I knew that I could do a cost comparison if I wanted to. For the purpose of this post I went to and looked up everything that I bought from Epantry. The prices were the same so neither place won in that category. Method cleaners run around the same price as other cleaners that I buy but they smell so much better. I have already used most of my order this morning and they clean wonderfully.

This is everything in my order. And since I was in bed with kidney stones when I opened the box it's not the best picture. 
This biggest thing that has put me on the Epantry bandwagon is that I don't have to go anywhere to order the products. They come to me about once a month and I don't have to use gas or extra time to get them. I am actually spending less by using Epantry too. Shipping is only $2 and for me to go to any store from my house to get cleaning supplies is at least $5 or more. And if you join the VIP program you don't even pay shipping! It's $39.99 a year and you get free products and special discounts.

If you want to find out more about Epantry and sign up you can click here. By using this link I get a $10 credit on my future orders and believe me that will be at least once a month. So you would be helping me and yourself by using this code!

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