Monday, February 16, 2015

What's Cooking- A "Dashing Dish" Cookbook

I love cookbooks. I don't really like to cook but I love recipes and trying new things when I am in the mood. A few years ago I stumbled across a blog called Dashing Dish and started using several of her recipes. Every recipe I have tried has been wonderful! Well this past December, Katie Farrell, released a cookbook. And I have had it on my wishlist since she announced it. 

Icon Media asked if I would like to review her cookbook and I said yes quickly. Each recipe is healthy and promotes clean, healthy eating. And each recipe is fairly simple. Which means that even I can make them. The pictures are scrumptious and really determined which recipes I tried first. (Even though none of mine turned out looking like hers.) 

An immediate favorite was the mini mexican pizzas. The are simple and they are a instant it. 

I am currently meal planning for the next 2 weeks and making my grocery list. A lot of my planned meals will be coming from this book. I am especially excited about baking ahead several of her muffins (I've made them before and love them) and the protein snacks. It will make breakfast so much easier since our bus is coming later in the mornings and the kids don't make it to school in time to eat breakfast. And since I have noticed that eating breakfast keeps my snacking during the day down it will be a positive for me too. These recipes also make clean eating fun and I don't get arguments from anyone in my house about it. 

If you love cookbooks, love to cook, or want to try clean eating without getting overwhelmed then I highly recommend this book. 

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