Saturday, March 14, 2015

Holley Gerth

Holley has a new book out!!!! And we all know how much I love her and her writing. 

In You're Loved No Matter What: Freeing Your Heart from the Need to Be Perfect , Holley drives home that God loves you despite all your flaws and mistakes. My favorite chapter in this particular book is chapter 2- "Embracing the Freedom That's Already Yours". Maybe it's because this was the chapter that I desperately needed right now or maybe it was because I needed Holley's words right as I was reading, but this was the chapter that meant the most to me. Especially this:
"There's a distinct difference between a mistake and a sin. Mistakes help us learn. Sin is a choice we deliberately make even though we know better. Mistakes are done in innocence. Sin comes from a heart that holds rebellion. Mistakes lead to growth. Sin leads to decay. Not only will you make mistakes, but you must make mistakes. That's the way babies learn to walk, kids find out how to ride bikes, and grown-ups figure out how to find their way in the world."

This book came during a week where I was ready to give up. It seemed like everything I was doing was resulting in failure as a mom and as a wife. But then I read the above quote. For some reason it was those words that reminded me that mistakes happen. I am going to make them and my children are going to make them. That doesn't mean that I am a failure and it doesn't mean that I am loved any less because of the mistakes we are making. And those mistakes are not necessarily a result of my parenting. 
Those mistakes required a whole lot of grace on my part and on the part of others that week. I will admit I did not handle some of it very well.  But that's the thing- God loved us through that week and he gave us the grace that we needed. Grace I had a hard time giving myself.

I wish that everyone of you could meet Holley. I do. Because as I say with all her books, reading her words is like talking to her. She is that friend that everyone needs to have. 

**I received this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 
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