Sunday, April 26, 2015

Let's Talk About....

That "Grey's Anatomy" episode.

You know the one that aired last Thursday and everyone is talking about.

I have not watched "Grey's" at all this season, so I really don't know what all is going on. I know that Meredith got a new sister and Dereck went to Washington and then came home. That's about it.

I did watch the last 15 minutes of this episode though. Because I could not actually believe that they were going to do what they did. (Spoilers ahead if you don't already know.)
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I am in shock that they actually killed off McDreamy! I cried for an hour after watching this turn of events. And then cried some more Friday when someone brought it up at work. The Meredith/ McDreamy relationship was really the center of this show. Yes, I know that it is fiction. But I have watched on and off since the beginning and I was invested in this crazy relationship. These two have survived a wife showing up, a bomb, a drowning, a plane crash, a mega storm, a shooting, and then to have it all end because of completely incompetence from another hospital is beyond me.  I feel like the writers don't care about the fans anymore. They only care about ending this show so they can concentrate on their other show "Scandal".

Meredith and McDreamy have been through everything and maybe she finally learned that she didn't have to depend on him for happiness but they deserved their happily ever after.

They have given us moments that make you believe in love and they have given us the best quotes about love.
photo credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I am not really sure if I am going to watch anymore. I have some seriously mixed feelings right now. But if I am home, I will probably watch next week just to see how they handle this loss. 

How do you feel about this turn of events?

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