Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Thing About Death

The thing about death is that it is not always fair. It stalks and claims a baby still in the womb or grabs hold of a man who had come back from the bottom and whose family needs him. It skips right over the 90 year old woman who is ready to leave this earth to claim a 16 year old kid just getting started on their life. 

Death isn't always fair but death is part of this life. So while I don't understand how death can claim a friend who had so much to live for, I know that he is in a better place. And while there is nothing left to do but grieve here, I know that he is not suffering anymore. So while death isn't always fair to us here on this earth, death is going to come and offer us a life so much more than what we have now. 

So while we grieve a friend, a spouse, a father, a brother, and a son- rejoice in the life he now has with Jesus and that his suffering is done. Because while death isn't always fair- the reward is amazing. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

End of the Year Craziness

I am having a hard time believing that this school year is over. The last couple of weeks have been full of honor's days, end of the year parties, and graduations.

It all started off with Middle School Honor's Day.
Pacey getting his Presidential Academic Achievement Award.

Getting his Beta Stool and Honor Grad Medal

My 8th grade Honor/Beta Graduate
Then came the last day of school. I made collages to compare the boys first and last days of school.

We have a had a very challenging year with learning disability diagnoses for Josh and regular growth for all of them. But it has been very rewarding and I am excited to see where they go next year. The end of the year activities are still going on because we have 8th grade graduation May 26 and because Pacey is joining an engineering competition team next year he will be officially starting high school May 28 for a summer school class. I am a little surprised with myself for signing him up for it but at least he will be busy this summer.

So I am now the mom of a 9th grader, a 5th grader, a 4th grader, and a Kindergartner.

Oh the places these kids will go!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! 

I keep seeing all these posts about relaxing or remembering the hurting mom. And I can't help but sit here and wonder why? 

Believe me, I get it. Some moms have husbands that are off on weekends and kids that will let them relax. Congratulations! Other moms are at work, or their husbands are at work stateside or overseas, and still others are single moms who today will be a normal day for. 

And some moms have babies in heaven and miss them everyday. I do. But making other moms feel guilty (as one Facebook friend seems to be set to do) is not the answer. Let them celebrate the fact they are moms without guilt tripping them because their children are here with them. 

Today is supposed to be a day to celebrate our moms. So take that time and tell them Happy Mother's Day and thank them for all they have done. And pray for those who are hurting and love them a little bit more today. But never feel guilty about being a mom, never. 

happy Mother's Day!