Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Being A Grown Up......

.................. is hard.

My grandmother had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. Since then, she has moved into the nursing home I work in for therapy. So I am with her for 8+ hours 5 days a week. I don't mind at all. (Except when she is telling me that the alarm guy is hot in front of said alarm guy. That was a little uncomfortable. And apparently he didn't even hear her. OR when she goes around telling everyone in the nursing home about my childhood. THAT IS JUST GREAT.

I spent 30 minutes in a co-workers office crying the other day though because this IS.JUST.SO.HARD! I work in long term care. It is honestly where my passion is. I love my "old people". But when it's my grandmother in there it is different. We tell other people all the time that you have to separate your work life and your home life in long term care. I never actually realized how hard that is.

So right now, I do not want to be an adult. I do not like being the one who has to talk to my family about hard decisions and deadlines and things that really need to be talked about and then being told that I am pushing them. Or that I did not tell them everything about her coming into a nursing home for rehab. I did. They didn't want to listen. I want to go back to working in the nursing home and and enjoying my job.

Being a grown-up is way overrated sometimes.

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