Friday, July 31, 2015

Who Knew

I never knew I needed a label maker until I had access to one this afternoon. I really am in love with the thing. (I also need to replace the tape cartridge before I give it back.) This little machine is AWESOME!!! 

I went ahead and looked one up online because I have a feeling I really do have to give the one in my possession back next week. So not only does it print on plastic sticky back labels- you can buy magnetic cartridges and iron on cartridges. This is the best thing for me! 

I wouldn't have to write names on everything for school, sports, or work. I can go label happy in my pantry and you bins. I can probably go a little overboard. 
I learned something today-
The way to my heart is apparently books, coffee, flowers, and a label maker! ;-)

(I am ordering myself one next week in case you were wondering.)

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