Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Favorites

I actually intended to write this post to go live this past Friday. Life had other plans. So instead of Friday Favorites you get August Favorites with the Friday Favorites graphic.
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I have not read a lot this month (even though I was supposed to.) But there are 2 books that I finished and love and 1 that I am working on.

1.   I love Sarah Mae. And this book was what I needed as I read it. I am trying to concentrate on finding adventure in the everyday and being content where I am. The lessons from the book are numerous and worth every second spent reading it.

2.  I hate change. The irony in that is that my life is full of change right now. Good and bad. But reading this book has helped a lot. I will have a full review later next week.

3. I am reading this one right now. It is a slow read. But it is a good book so far.

Well- the boys and I went to see "Ant Man" in theaters but we really have not watched anything else. Oh- I went and saw "Vacation" with my mom. Not a kid movie at all. But Thor was in it so there was that.

I have really just worn scrubs and yoga pants this past month. BUT I bought a new pair of Danskin Yoga pants from Walmart that I am in love with. I really should go buy another pair. They are the best.

Ed Sheeran's "X- The Deluxe Edition" is a favorite for my whole family right now. I also have had "Fight Song" on repeat lately.

I start a new job tomorrow. I am going back into therapy and driving an hour each way for the job. I am TERRIFIED! I am so scared that I can't do it anymore or that they are not going to think I am a good fit. It is definitely more money coming in but there is not flexibility which is something I am used to. So prayers would be appreciated.

Also- because of above mentioned new job, I also have a new vehicle. My poor Tahoe just doesn't get good gas mileage and it is now a must. So I went last weekend and bought a Dodge Caravan. I LOVE IT! I am already spoiled. Hand free phone, plays the music from my phone, and has a DVD player for the kids. They will beg to go somewhere just to watch the TV now.

I know that all my posts lately have been kind of gloomy. And yes, I am going through a very rough time in my personal life right now. But I am still not ready to share that with anyone or talk about it in a deeper context on here yet. Let's just say that when I come out of the other side of this, I will be a better person and a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be.

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