Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's just hair

Okay so these aren't the best pictures but I'm posting them anyway. 

I decided that my hair needed to be trimmed and some layers put in it earlier this week. So this picture is from a couple of weeks ago. 
Yesterday I went and saw a girl I have known forever and got my hair cut. 
I didn't really notice it yesterday because I was in a hurry. But I thought later in the afternoon that it looked a little uneven. And then when I washed it this morning and did it myself there was no denying that one side was about a half inch longer and it was gappy. 
So I called someone recommended by another friend to see if they could fix it. Y'all, I know it only hair but I almost cried because she had to go a lot shorter to fix it and make it not gappy. So this is what I have now. 
It's hair. And it will grow back. But I am really wishing that I had not decided it needed to be trimmed and layers added. 

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