Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October Favorites

Normally this is my favorite time of year. October brings pumpkin everything, cooler weather, changing leaves, and Allume. Except this year I didn't get to go to Allume. And as much as I missed it, I needed to be at home this year. I normally have my whole house decorated for fall by now too. This year there are some pumpkin candles lit and that is about it. For some reason, my favorite time of year is just not this year. It may be the broken tooth, or even the deer. Or it could be that I am dealing with another kidney stone and just not in the mood to enjoy it. 

However, since I tell all of my patients that they have to find at least one positive thing in everyday, I am going to do the same thing. I do have some new favorite things this month. 


 I am reading "The Ragamuffin Gospel" right now. It has been on my to read list for a while but I finally bought it. It is so good. I am devouring it and that is saying a lot because between 3 jobs I don't have a lot of reading time. But this is definitely a book I needed right now. 

I don't know why but this song has just grown on me this month and now I love it. 

Well since I now get custom jewelry from Road Dog Creations, I have to say that I am loving these earring that I designed and John made. 
I also have a whole new appreciation for legging but that is another story. 


Okay, so I am a little late on this since the show actually finished last year BUT- I am watching Season 1 of the "Parenthood" and wondering why I did not watch this show before. It is so good. I guess I was under a rock somewhere. I also watched the last season of "Outlander" on DVD and it was okay. Definitely not the book. We are apparently on a steady stream of "Jurassic World" and "Avengers 2" with the boys. I am a little tired of both. Yes, I am tired of watching Thor which will surprise some people. 

So while there have been some interestingly negative things going on this month, there are also a few positives. Like starting a new business and doing festivals, etc. We are actually going to have a booth this weekend at an Easton Corbin concert. I have several new books sitting on my to read shelf that I am ready to have time to read and let you know about too. So maybe November will be better than October has been health and busy wise. 

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