Sunday, October 11, 2015

Road Dog Creations

So I am sitting on the couch at my grandmother-in-law's right now. We came up here to spend the weekend with her and go to a local fall festival. So of course it rained. We walked around in the rain for a couple of hours and saw a lot of stuff and made some connections for John's new business. And we got wet. But the kids had fun running around in the rain and seeing a Powwow.

Then I realized how long it's been since I have actually been on here and written anything.

So I decided that I would talk about John's new business for a minute.

John needed a new hobby so he started making these earrings. He has several different color crystals and actually has some other designs available. I have spent this morning doing my new "job" with his company. I get the fun title of Social Media Manager/ Website management. So he now has a new shop on Etsy, an email address, and a phone line dedicated to his company. Since we are obviously out of town, the store only has one listing but I hope to fill it up this week. He is going to start going to craft shows as well. If you want to check out his store it is located at You can also look for him on Facebook at

After I get the Etsy page all set up I will be hosting a giveaway so look for that coming soon. 

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