Saturday, December 12, 2015

Schools today

Since changing jobs this summer, I am finding that since I am not as active in homework that a lot is slipping through the cracks. But I am also noticing a trend with teachers. They are giving homework assignments through text messages and emails after school hours and it is stuff that one teacher "forgot" to mention in class and is due the next day. Well my child does not have a cell phone and unless he asks he does not have access to internet and email in the evenings. And it is putting him at a disadvantage. But no matter what I say to his teacher or to him, it is not something that looks like it will be fixed. I have a huge problem with this. Not every child has a cell phone and some of us as parents find that giving their children too much internet access is not the responsible thing to do. Technology is great. I know that I need it for this blog as well as several other aspects in my life. But I don't think that a school should be allowed to solely base homework on texts and emails. If you have an assignment that needs to be printed out- print it and hand it to the kids. I don't care that they are in high school. My high schooler does not have a "family" computer to use and will not have a cell phone so you are excluding him from a required grade.

And I am certainly not putting all the blame on the teacher. My child needs to be more responsible and speak up about not being able to receive an assignment if it is sent out via text or email at night. But if a class is going to make this a requirement then the schools need to make sure that every child has the same thing at home in order to receive it. 

And now I am getting off my soap box.