Saturday, April 22, 2017

When You Should Have Said No

Hi! Remember me? Yeah, I tend to let this poor blog take a back seat. Right now though, I feel like I just need to talk to y'all.

I am a little overwhelmed at the moment. Not only have I changed jobs in the last 2 months, I also kept a PRN job, joined a direct sales company, AND enrolled in college to get my masters. Add to that the regular family/home stuff, a kid in the state tennis play offs, and two in baseball 3 nights a week and I am stretched a little thin.

Ironically, I have more time in the afternoons than I did with my previous job. I just find myself coming home and taking a nap instead of doing school work or housework like I should. My house looks like I am losing a game of Jumanji (Remember that book? It has always been a favorite. Oh, and the original movie.) and when I think of paying someone to help with it, I feel like I am failing somehow.

I am realizing that somewhere along the line, I should have said no. My new job was exactly what we needed as a family and I needed for myself. I have amazing coworkers who make me laugh and have quickly become a second family. I feel like I am in the right place for me right now. My PRN job is another story though. I agreed to stay one weekend a month because the money was great. I couldn't see turning it down. Now on the other hand, I dread knowing I have to go. I love the people I work with there but I dislike the drive and the time it takes away from my family. I also should have only taken one class this semester. I haven't been in school in almost 14 years. This is a huge adjustment and the field is not one that I know. Business is a huge leap from healthcare.

I don't regret my direct sales business though. I work from my phone and on Facebook so it fits in with my day. Also, I get paid to use the products I love and even get great rewards for it. If you look in the side bar you can click on over and check Perfectly Posh out.

I should have said no. And while for the next couple of months I can't change my answer, it will be changing as soon as I can. I did this to myself. For some reason I just keep thinking I am Wonder Woman and I can do it all. I really hate to disappoint you guys, but I'm not. I keep thinking back to when I wrote this whole 31 day series about Balancing it All a few years ago and wondering why I don't listen to my own advice. Balls are going to drop when you get overwhelmed and you just have to pray that they aren't the important ones. So, if you see my in person or talk to me on a regular basis (or you are Mel) and I start talking about adding anything else onto my plate- slap some sense into me. (Figuratively not literally.)

*****I miss this blog. I'm sorry I keep letting it slide to the back burner. I promise I think about it and those who read it a lot.******