Thursday, July 6, 2017

What a Week

It's been a week since Josh was bitten by a snake. We have learned more about snake bites and anti-venom than I ever wanted to know. We have a long road ahead of us.

We left the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Josh was feeling better and after 18 vials of anti-venom, the critical care doctor and the pediatrician agreed that there was no reason for us to stay. In the multiple conversations held with doctors and Josh we learned what really happened and also that their initial suspicions of the snake being a copperhead were wrong. According to the critical care doctor, Josh was bitten by a cottonmouth. Apparently he can tell by the amount of swelling that occurred as well as the actual puncture wounds themselves.

Now to what really happened. Josh and Miles were playing in the yard when they saw a snake. They found an old lunchbox and Josh picked the snake up and placed it in the box. They were taking the box to the house when he started to drop it and as it opened the snake bit him.

I know that I said in my previous post that my children know the rules about snakes. They do. They can tell you all about them. Apparently boys will be boys according to the doctor and these boys didn't follow the rules. The other thing is that there is a possibility the snake would not have bit Josh if he had not put him in a box. Cottonmouths only bite when threatened. It was apparently not feeling threatened when they were just playing with him. We have also been told that if it was Miles who had been bit, he would have lost his finger and possibly more.

Josh is going to be okay with little to no long term problems. Right now we are watching the wounds to see how much tissue he is going to lose and starting therapy for his whole hand. He is lucky. He also is very hard headed and I am worry that he may not have learned to leave snakes alone.

I am documenting his finger everyday and for the first few days every few hours. I want him to be able to go back and see all of this at a later time. I am not posting them anywhere though. They are not the easiest pictures to stomach if you don't like looking at wounds.

In the last week, I have learned a whole new meaning to the word grateful. I wish that I had not had to learn it this way though. I am hoping that Josh has learned some things from all of this too.


  1. I have a phobia of snakes.These stories may help me out in conquering me with my fear. I want to live a normal life without the fear of any reptile.

  2. OOO. Sad to hear about your son. Wish him a speedy recovery. It happens when you are living a place near field or crowded trees.