Monday, August 21, 2017

How do you moisturize?

An important part of skin care is making sure you moisturize. Most moisturizers make my face oily or they just don't do enough. That is they did until I found Perfectly Posh. Unlike the face washes, I have not tried all of these. But the ones I use, I love.

First up is Never Grow Old Serum. I use this around my eyes to lighten dark circle and to get rid of fine lines. It works! It has caffeine, lavender, lemon, and B3 in it. I personally use it every morning and night but some consultants say to use it just once a day.
 The Never Grow Old Face Creme is a light weight moisturizer for dry skin. It smells like coconut and vanilla. You can put it in the refrigerator on hot days and have a cooling moisturizer at night. I use this one before bed 5 times a week.
 The Night and Day moisturizer is my morning go to. It is lighter weight and with olive oil and aloe vera as it's base. I use this in the mornings before putting on my make up. Or on the weekends, I use just this and wear no make up.
 Moisture 911 is a great moisturizer with caffeine for your mornings. I don't use this one but I have tried it. This one if for those with really dry skin.
Apricots Overnight is what it sounds like, a night time moisturizer. It is heavier than the other moisturizers and smells like Apricots. I use this one twice a week. If my skin is really dry because I have been out in the sun too much I will use this one more often.
 I have not tried the rest of these so I really cannot tell you a whole lot about them. But according to the experts, if you have oily skin then face oils will help decrease it. I honestly don't know if that is true or not so if you use these please email me and let me know what you think!

One thing about Perfectly Posh products is that I really use them. My family uses them and I love sharing about them. If you are interested in some samples you can email me with your name and address and I will send you some. I think that everyone deserves to be pampered and I think that once you try these products, you will love them too.
It is also a great company to work for! I get paid EVERY week on what I sell and I earn free products. They provide all the training you need to be successful and our consultants help each other out. We have a lot of fun with the company and with each other. It has been the best direct sales company I have worked for. I can also send you more information about joining if you are interested. 
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Perfectly Posh- Face Washes

I have been selling Perfectly Posh since February and I have to say I am still loving it. I posted about it when I first started selling and then along with other things, I didn't blog reviews like I planned to do. Right now, Perfectly Posh has 4 face washes but since one of them is retired and will soon be completely gone, I am only going to review 3.

First up, BFF. To be honest, this little gem is what sold me on selling the products. A gentle exfoliater that can be used daily, this face was smells like peppermint and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean. It is still my favorite and it is still my go to face wash. This face wash had me giving up my Rodan and Fields and has left my skin clearer than it has been in years.

Next is our newest face wash- Bright Young Thang. A non-exfoliating face wash that smells like ginseng and has caffeine as a main ingredient. I am loving this one! I started using it in the mornings and BFF at night this week.
And last but not least is That's So Cuke. A foaming face wash that smells like cucumbers, this is perfect if you are looking for a light face wash that leaves your face clean. It also helps cool off your skin on hot days. I used this one when it was released over the summer in different packaging. It is not my favorite but it certainly felt good when it was so hot.
Perfectly Posh sells all kinds of products with the soul purpose in mind of pampering everyone. It doesn't have to take a whole day. It can simply be a face mask while you do laundry or a bath with one of our Fizi's or bath salts. I would love to talk to you more about these awesome products and help you find your perfect fit. Everyday is buy 5 products get the 6th free and $5.99 shipping. That means you can buy everything on your list and still be $5.99 and get some of your products for FREE! There is also a PERKs reward program that gives you 10 points for every dollar spent and earns you free products. Plus there is a 200 PERK bonus when you sign up for the program and even a 500 PERK bonus for your birthday.
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Next week we will look at all of our amazing moisturizers.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Snake Bite Updates

It's been about a month and a half since this "fun" adventure started. Josh is doing great. Other than the fact his finger is still healing, you would never know anything happened to him. School started at the end of July and he has gone back to his normal routine and his normal self.

I am finally ready to post pictures of his finger- it really has come a long way.
30 minutes after the bite- June 29

June 30

July 5

July 13

July 15

August 2
July 29- the first ER- Miller County Hospital

The CCU at South East Alabama Medical Center

The day we went home.
 He is certainly a very lucky kid. And we are definitely very thankful parents.