Friday, September 8, 2017

Life is ROUGH right now

I am all for following your dreams and furthering your education no matter how old you are. BUT good gravy, I think it may drive me to the nut house. In the last two weeks I have cried over 2 papers, stressed out about Statistics to the point that I am not sleeping, and contemplating finishing this quarter next week and then not going back. Add to all these final papers and actual finals the fact that all 4 kids have projects due that apparently did not get assigned until the last minute if you listen to them and the fact that John is about to be out of town for 3 weeks and you can just imagine what I feel like.

Oh and did I mention Irma? Yeah- what in the world is this storm doing? All in one day it's coming towards us, it's not going to hit us, oh never mind, it's coming toward you again. How in the world am I supposed to prepare for that? The world has gone nuts around here with all the talk of the storm too. I mean we live in southwest GA but places are selling out of gas and water left and right. The lines are just crazy. I know we are from the south and people think we are all crazy but right now I think they may be right.

Politics is another one! I think the media needs to take a very long vacation and let Americans be Americans instead of stirring up all this controversy. And then the whole it was fine when this person said it but now that a different one is saying it they are trying to destroy the country thing is bordering on laughable. Bottom line- if you are in there right now you need to go and let some new people take your place. These congress people who have been serving for 20-30 years need to move on and term limits have a lot of merit. They are not about their actual constituents anymore- no matter which party it is they are all about the money they can get out of it.

All in all, finals are going to drive me insane and I hope I at least get to take my final (and hopefully, please Lord pass) before the storm hits or we lose power and internet. I don't think my sanity will take it if I worked so hard all quarter and then fail the class because of a storm.

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