Thursday, September 7, 2017

Why Posh?

So in transparency, I am procrastinating working on Statistics right now and sharing with you why I decided to sell Perfectly Posh.

I started off buying the products and I fell in love with them. So I decided that if I could paid every week selling products that I use daily and that I love it was a win win situation. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized that with Posh, I could give up my PRN job and be home every weekend. With Posh I could help other women pamper themselves and realize how important it is. With Posh I could have an extra income that worked with my full time job schedule and my school schedule without giving up any more time with my family.

That is why I started selling Posh. I had huge dreams that this was going to take off and be a great success. It has been everything else. From the time I signed up to two weeks later, our very small town became overflowing with Posh consultants as did the town I work in. I have a VIP group that no one interacts in and run sales and giveaways that no one participates in. It is frustrating. But I keep trying.

I keep being asked why I keep trying. I keep trying because I need this to work. I need and extra income but I have no extra time to take on another brick and mortar building job. I need the flexibility of working from my phone while driving to the grocery store or when going somewhere with my family. I want to share these products with everyone because I think that everyone will love them too. Plus everything is under $25, naturally based, and made right here in the USA. How can you beat that ?

So go check it out.

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