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HI! I am Laura. I love to read, to write, and to encourage. This is a safe space where no one is perfect and I don't even pretend to be. I hate grammer by the way so it isn't always right. I try to write often and on a schedule but I have four boys and life often gets in the way. I grew up in a big city and moved to a small town to be with family so I have had the best of both worlds. And if asked which I would prefer- definitely the small town. Life is slower, life is quieter, and life is full. I am a complete nerd at heart with a great love for books and office supplies (notebooks, planners, stationary, pens, etc.). I love shoes and certainly do not own enough but don't have the budget for more (hmmm- shoe sponsors????) but hate shoe shopping with my kids in tow because they won't let me try on the whole store. I love riding in the car for trips but hate driving, merging, bridges, and overpasses. I set an alarm to go off three times before I get up at the actual time I need to and if I didn't have kids, places to go, or commitments I would never set an alarm. I am terrified of public speaking but have been thinking a lot about it lately. I am a dreamer with big dreams- God sized to be exact- and I don't know where they will take me BUT I will try and enjoy the ride.

Hentown Mama is me. It's where I live. A small town not even on a map, with no stoplights, and a small store that doesn't even sell gas. It's the place where my family has lived for generations, as well as the place where my husband's family has always been. The roots go deep and always bring you back.


I am a mom of boys- four of them to be exact. And when people ask me if we will try for a girl, the answer is always NO. My loving husband is John- he is awesome and works two jobs. Pacey is our oldest. He goes to public school, loves to read, and loves to draw. Calvin is next. He is my challenge because he is the perfect mixture of John and my worst traits (temper, impatience, and low tolerance levels for all kinds of things.) But he is also the most loving when it comes down to it. Josh is third. He spent four years as the baby and still hasn't gotten over the intrusion of another baby after all this time. Miles is the baby. He is just a little spoiled and such a mama's boy (which I secretly LOVE).


Hentown Mama uses affiliated links in most review posts and some advertisements on the sidebars. This is a way to support the website costs, hopefully bring you giveaways in the future, and to help fund conferences like Allume for me to attend and learn from. Any support is greatly appreciated!

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